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Council of the Chosen: The E! True Hollywood Story

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Reunion Time!
Dissent - Jefferson
caitirin wrote in council_lounge
Taylan - OH NO! NO! I am NOT getting sucked back into this! I am RETIRED! I am domestic and BORING and I REFUSE to be part of any more writing things EVER! I mean it!!!

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Dante - *eyes short skirt icon with trepidation* I believe this is just for chatting with each other, love. No angst or death. Possibly romance.

*ruffles Dante's hair* What you don't truuuust us?

Taylan - No! No we do NOT. Not in any way shape form or POSSIBLE... So much of the no!

Edited at 2009-02-27 12:19 am (UTC)

Dante - *smooths hair* What he said.

Well we could always stir up a reunion group of sorts. CotC - A Decade Later

*noddles* You might be safe. *tries not to giggle through lies*

Alex - and it'd be all about diapers and grey hairs! *two chibis hanging off arms*

AWWWWW! I've missed you! *glomps*

Taylan - >.< *GIRL COOTIES* Uhm. Hi?

Pshaw, you won't expire from girl cooties. I promise. At least I didn't kiss you on the cheek. I don't feel like fighting Dante tonight.

Taylan - You gave me grey hairs!! Early ones! *points*

Katy - *blinks* What... did I walk into now?


Blaise - KATY! d00dette!

Katy - Run? But... But... BLAISE! *running tackle*

Blaise - XD *knocked through cheap Hollywood set backdrop and crashes into HUGE Pile of Rubble* THAT WAS AWESOME!

Taylan - ^^;;;;

Welcome *said in evil voice* Not that Katy would mind, I'm sure.

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